Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Walking and maps

Usually when I go out walking it's just a random experience. I go this way or that arbitrarily.

Because one of the values of walking is for your health, and I want to make sure I was getting enough exercise, I did buy a step counter or pedometer. This is good for letting me know how much I have gotten in the way of exercise and I do use it quite a bit.

Wouldn't it be nice to figure out ahead of time, what might be an interesting route to take? I am not much into complicated things for figuring out stuff like that. But if I could find something simple, why not?

I did find a little free program that uses Google maps -- gmap-pedometer -- that seems to be worth looking into. All you do is bring up your map by entering your address or zip code or something, click on record and then double click on each turning point or other marker you have. There's a reference to an instruction sheet if you feel you need it.

It will show mile markers, if you want. It showed that my little trip to Dollar General on Delaware Avenue is almost a mile and a half and just walking up to Military Road and back is over a mile. It shows the distance for each leg you've put on your route and resolves all the distances to four decimal places. You can even look at a rooftop view or topographic map of the area, because it is Google maps. You can also save routes and print them out.

It's an interesting way to figure out how far you walked in your last trip to the park.

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