Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Rose Attack

This Sunday morning, the weather was perfect and I noticed I was getting a few weeds growing around the plants in the backyard. It's really nice to work outside when the weather is a little below 70° (20 C) and not too sunny.

It's been a good growing season so far, my red roses are all out and the white ones are budding nicely. The lilacs are gone already but the hedges and other plants, including the weeds, are doing quite well.

I did do a pretty good cleaning up job and I think it shows with the way the plants are growing. The roses in particular are really growing good this year.

I got everything cleaned up and even went over everything with the string trimmer to expand my work a little.

When I was washing up afterwards I tried to wash off some dirt on the back of my arm and lo and behold! It wasn't dirt -- a one of my ungrateful roses must have attacked me while I was trying to help it. Such a lack of gratitude really got to me.

Isn't it interesting how when you're enjoying yourself like I was with the gardening, scratches and other minor things just aren't even noticed?

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