Wednesday, June 4, 2008

A Root Canal for Me

I just went to the second appointment for a root canal. The first two appointments have consisted of cleaning out the inside of the tooth, removing any nerve tissue or whatever is inside the canals or hollows in the tooth. Coming up in the future is inserting a post in the tooth, and then putting on a new crown. It's a fairly long process consisting of five or six appointments, some of which are pretty long.

There's always the big problem, is it really worth the expense and discomfort? In my case, though, I very much do not want to lose any more teeth in that part of my mouth. I don't have any dentures and don't want any for as long as I can put it off.

The expense is real and high, approaching $2000 in all. In my case with the under the gum damage to the tooth, the only real alternative available would have been an extraction and probably getting a partial denture.

I have to admit though, the procedure so far has been virtually pain-free. The progress that's been made in pain-free dentistry is from my standpoint, almost incredible.

My dentist has been really good about this. He's been taking quite a bit of time to explain everything to me as he's gone through the procedure, including any problems that might show up along the way. There really have been none from my standpoint so far.

Pain is the real big concern, from my standpoint. Of course there is discomfort from all the work that's being done in my mouth, but any pain is really a nonissue.

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