Wednesday, June 25, 2008

More on the Root Canal

Today was Chapter 3 of the ongoing saga of the root canal.

The nerve and the decay have been cleaned out previously. Today he removed all the metal from the old crown and shaped the tooth for the new crown. This was a rather long hour and a half in the chair. The good part was, there is no nerve in the tooth, so there is no pain. All he had to do was deaden the gum around the tooth.

At the end he made an impression for the new crown and put a temporary crown on the tooth. He let me know that there might be some discomfort in the gum afterwards but I have had almost no discomfort at all.

The progress that's been made in painless dentistry is really something. There's no way it can conceivably be thought of as a pleasant process, but the thing that would scare me away the most, the pain, is absolutely minimal.

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