Sunday, June 29, 2008

Baseball and Rain

I have to admit, I am strictly a fair weather baseball fan. There are few places as nice to be as in a baseball park on a nice warm evening in summer.

I used to split a season ticket with a coworker. He had certain days he liked going to the games and I had mine and things worked out very well. The problem from my standpoint was that I felt obligated to use the tickets at times, and the baseball season around here starts in April.

One night in particular, the game was held up several times by rain. My son and I kept asking each other if we should leave. We did end up staying for the whole game and saw the first grand slam (4-run) home run in the stadium.

The trouble is, I suppose I'm not smart enough to know when enough is enough. But since getting out of the season-ticket business, I have sort of resolved that I won't go to games before July or August.

Of course, the offer of a free ticket is just plain not refusable. But then and again when the first inning started, the lightning and thunder and rain and stuff did take a little away from the enjoyment of the game. The real downpour didn't start until I was in the car. The sky was clearing when I got home, and as a matter of fact they did restart and finish the game a little later.

The Bisons had a 3-0 win over Scranton/Wilkes-Barre (Yankees) on Saturday night in Dunn Tire Park.

AAA ball is actually quite interesting. Most of the players are on the brink of major league careers or coming down from the majors for some reason so the quality of ball is very high. I am fortunate in that I get free tickets whenever I want. But even if I had to pay, the price is very reasonable, as opposed to what's paid for major league tickets.

July is just about here and I expect to be there, at the stadium, a number of times this summer.

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