Sunday, May 4, 2008

Staking my roses

I have three old rose bushes in my backyard. Two are white and one red.

For the past couple of years, except for some pruning, they have pretty much grown wild. This year I decided to do something and purchased some 6 foot fencing 't' posts. I thought about using trellises, but the ones I saw at Home Depot didn't really impress me that much and my main idea was to pull together some really spread out bushes.

This morning, the weather was kind of crummy, sprinkling, cloudy and cold. So I just thought I'd buy the posts and get around to doing the work sometime in the future -- but -- the bug struck me. I got home and I just had to fool around with one and then the second and finally the third post. Anyone who doesn't do any gardening just doesn't know what they're missing. Working outside in the fresh air, seeing almost instant results, and just generally enjoying what you're doing is hard to describe. Who cared about the weather, I was having fun.

All I really did was a little bit of pruning and then using a little bit of cotton clothesline to tie the bushes up to the stakes. Sort of a quick and dirty job. I can always go out during the warm days of summer and elaborate on the job if I want to but for now the roses look orders of magnitude better and should really be in good shape for the growing season.

I have to admit, I feel orders of magnitude better as well, having accomplished something I've wanted to do for quite a while. Gardening really is good for the soul.
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