Monday, June 20, 2016

do you whistle while you work

Why shouldn't we be happy at our work?

Why not whistle while you work as long as it doesn't bother anyone?

Actually, your boss should be very happy for you.

Couldn't you just imagine the tremendous volume of work that would be put out if everyone was happy? 

There are no limits to how much could be accomplished like this.

Most of us have to make the trek to work every day to make enough money to pay the bills. This is just the reality we face for majority of our good years. You work!

Is there an alternative? 

Of course. Public assistance.Some people make a lifetime practice of this. They get all the benefits a caseworker shows them how to get including foodstamps. Some even try to better their lives by winning the big one with lottery tickets.

Is this a happy way to live? I do not think so although quite a few people choose to live it because they can't seem to figure out anything else.

You may also want to try working on your own. 

There is always the internet. This has a rather harsh learning curve in many cases though. You learn pretty fast that a huge percentage of what is out there is "bright shiny objects" that almost blind us with their promises and then turn out to be nothing but a money pit.

Probably the most satisfying thing is volunteering. 

The only problem is there is no money for those bills so we generally leave it to retired people who have sort of an income already.

Both the military and other governmental type jobs do not really fall into a category where you have a say in the job conditions.

It really would not be good policy for the police, military, school teachers or social workers to even look like they are laughing.

I think though, that for manufacturing and service industry positions 

that there is a lot of room to lighten up. A more relaxed workforce could reduce the stress related errors that creep into everyday work. Not to take them lightly. There could be an improvement in efficiency.

It would be great to get your feelings by leaving a comment below.

Thank you

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Our Real Problem - Ask Question Get Answer

Sounds trivial, doesn't it? Just ask a question and get an answer, right?
  • I suppose you should reword it to intelligent question.
  • Or reword it to accurate question.
  • Or just sensible question.
  • What about a dumb question?
The basic thing about questions is they do not come out of a vacuum. We really have to know something before we can even ask a question.

Remember way back in school when you first started on a new course? You didn't even know what questions to ask about. Everything was new. You did not even have the words  you needed.

A person of limited experience really is a cripple when it comes to asking questions as they do not even have the useful words they need. How do you ask a question if the words are not even in your vocabulary? You basically do not know what you do not know.

Let's face it - there are really things we do not want to know. Experiences we do not want to have. Life has a lot of really good things and bad things. Just look at a newspaper.

Unless we are living on a desert island where nothing else is possible, we should really try to broaden ourselves as much as we can. Learning about our world allows us to ask intelligent questions. It gives us more options on what to do with our lives. It makes it so others are more likely to enjoy our company.

There is an excellent article the Readers Digest printed about 10 Rooms in the House of Life. Check it out. I belive it is a gret source for our lives and incidentally will let us question things around us much more effectively.

Sunday, May 15, 2016

How About This: life as we know it can change in an instant

Isn't this a philosophical kick?

What brought this on?

An idle, random memory came to me of when I was in my teenage years. A friend of mine was driving along and talking away like he usually did. He kept looking at me like he was prone to do when talking. All of a sudden we came to a construction site and he jammed on his brakes to avoid a barrier that came up all of a sudden. He also swerved and bumped a construction worker. No damage anywhere but a lot of shot nerves.

I was just reading an article about the dangers of texting and use of smartphones while driving. Back in the "good old days" we could do stupid things without needing a phone to help.

We all live in a comfort zone where things are as they are and life goes on. It is difficult and sometimes even painful going outside your comfort zone.

What happens when it is forced on us by unforeseen events. Everything changes. Only it is never going to happen to us. There are too many important things to think about.

Life can be interesting. We can be paralyzed for life or we could win the lottery. Take your pick. Except we really do not get a choice of our own. It just happens.

The best laid schemes of mice and men...

Your feedback would be welcome.

Saturday, May 14, 2016

Some Good Things About The Election

Doesn't all this name calling on either side just get to you at times? What could possibly be the good things about the election so far.

You have to realize there are quite a few people who have already put in very large amounts of money and emotions into securing a good outcome. I have seen the number stated as 17 people trying to get the Republican nomination. People do not put in tremendous efforts and not have some sort of backlash if they fail.

The primary series was a very hard fought one. It was sort of a  no holds barred situation. A lot was said and done that has to have strong repercussions. That is as it should be. These are highly intelligent and opinionated people.

At least this year there seems to be no Ross Perot, John Anderson or Bull Mooses running wild. Every one seems to realize the destructive nature of a third party candidacy.

Not everyone is talking yet and there are the doom merchants as is to be expected. Hopefully this will pretty much work itself out in time. A well organized chorus of voices is not to be expected but a certain unity is needed. Probably a sort of shotgun wedding caused by a look at the alternatives.

As the election season works its way through and the issues clarify themselves there should be a coming together of those who have taken opposing and hard line views.

You are not going to get everything you want so be happy with what you can salvage in the give and take involved. Good people have stubbornly put their foot down and drawn a line in the sand. That was the end of them.

Don't hesitate to leave a comment if you have views on this.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Green Earth

I really like some of the objectives of the environmental movement.

  • A cleaner earth for us to enjoy.
  • Re-use rather than wasting used materials.
  • Sustainability allowing natural replacement rather than use up what's there and move on.
  • Protection of the public health.
  • Common sense usage and less waste.

The problems I have run into are the more radical elements who can be so radical as to want to reduce or even eliminate people so the Earth can go on its way untarnished.

The almost mindless destruction of what is to replace it with what some group considers their ideal situation.

Much of this is purely money driven where certain elements want to destroy the old just so they can sell their "new and better" versions. 

I have even seen advocacy of some things as abortion as a way to improve humanity by improving the quality of the human race.

Things like this made me very concerned when I saw the Church embracing environmentalism. How wrong I was about this concern.

People are the prime concern of the church. Life is the basis of everything.

What we must do is intelligently use what is made available to us. Everything is made for the benefit of man. We should use it to benefit everyone and not just preserve it like some museum display.

Throughout the Bible and throughout the encyclicals of the church there is the common thread of the fact that all was created for the benefit of man. From Genesis on down this is repeated. This is not a recent concern of the church but rather a centuries old pursuit as is evidenced in writings after writings.

This is the basis of a wonderful, progressive green movement where all is for the benefit of man.

Your comments would really be appreciated, good or not so good.