Friday, October 9, 2015

Dreary Start But There Is Hope

Starting out a little damp this morning. It is supposed to dry out later though.

No thoughts of mowing the lawn or raking leaves for now.

My tree is gone but the neighbors are sharing some fallen leaves with me so I won't feel left out.

Monday, October 5, 2015

Just Touching Base

Kind of a blah day. It is about 60 at 10am.

This is to be expected around this time of year. The whole week looks the same with showers predicted for the weekend again.

Actually, as long as it isn't raining, it is perfect weather for finishing up the yard work and just getting out and walking. There will be some sunshine and the weather will turn into the crisp days that make fall so attractive.

I have always liked the spring and fall seasons. As long as you can avoid colds and whatever ailments come along they are invigorating times. I prefer them to the extremes of summer and winter.

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

What Is Left Of The Tree

Just to close the record on the tree in front of my house this is what is left after the stump got ground.

Some day I should get a replacement - I hope.

Oh - the street was repaved and it is a hot day so it probably looks shiny.

Monday, September 14, 2015

Writer's Block

If you google "writer's block" you will find that there are even people who deny its existence.

As a non-expert I do not know about that but I do know for sure there is nothing coming out right now for me. It is very frustrating because everything I do manage seems wrong or silly sounding. Continually restarting is very tiring.

I have heard it is a good idea to just write anything on any subject just to get the juices flowing. Even a poison pen to someone to get your emotions working (just DO NOT send it!). Or try some fun things like writing poems you might remember.

Another possibility is to lower our standards. Perfectionism can be very destructive of goals and deadlines. Relax a little. Work that meets lower standards is at least something accomplished. It is much better than a perfect blank.

From what I understand, most of the great authors have cold spells when nothing works. The problem is to not let yourself get discouraged and give it all up.

I bet the morning will be there to wake us up tomorrow as it always seems to.

Thursday, September 10, 2015


Just in time for the start of school. This is really a fun summer one by the family the Partridge family on tv was modeled after.

Friday, September 4, 2015

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Something That Worked

My tv was nothing but snow and wouldn't respond to attempts to change the channel.

I tried the power on-off business on the tv and also on the set top box. I was already getting stressed out over having to deal with telephone tech support.

I have Verizon FIOS service and remembered that there was a capability of checking out the tv from the computer.

In desperation to avoid the dreaded phone call business and all of its press 3, press 1, speak yes or no and whatever I decided to give the computer a try.

Started right up selected tv from the menu and noticed quick things you can do.

Selected no picture and it asked me the basics - is the power on??
Is there any picture or just on certain channels? No - nothing.

It then checked the signal into the house and the set top box and said there were no problems there.

Next it said to check a button marked Input on the remote. Eureka!

All I can think is that it accidentally got pressed while using the remote.

That simple little thing could have cost me well over an hour on the telephone. It was basically just a few minutes on the computer and a little running up and downstairs because the tv is downstairs and the computer is a desktop that is upstairs.